(Update 2!! The Patch is LIVE. If it doesn’t automatically download, force the game to check for updates.

One of the most controversial games released in the past 5 years is the PS4 console exclusive No Man’s Sky. Some say the guys at Hello Games overhyped the title, while others say gamers hyped themselves beyond belief, gamers on all consoles know of the craziness surrounding the title since it was revealed.

With that being said, Hello Games have gone above and beyond trying to evolve the game into what they originally dreamed of. Their next update, Path Finder, is offering a humongous amount of updates and changes. Here’s a taste of what to expect.

  • PlayStation 4 Pro support
  • Improved visuals
  • Owning multiple ships
  • Base sharing online
  • New vehicles – Exocraft
  • Permadeath Mode
  • Build vehicle race tracks
  • Ship specialisations and classes
  • Shop/traders
  • Double the base building variety
  • Multi-tool specialisation and classes
  • New weapon modes
  • Photo Mode
  • Discovery menu
  • Quality of life improvements
  • 50% more original music from 65daysofstatic
  • That’s a lot, but let’s give a little more detail about some of the biggest additions.

I hate to be “that guy” but perhaps it’s safe to say this game probably needed a half a dozen more months in the oven.

For a more in-depth look at the update, visit the No Man’s Sky website here. Or watch the trailer!

What do you think, Brah? Is this enough for you to fuel-up your spaceship and venture to the stars once again??