I have a feeling Brahs and Girls at Guerrilla Games are feeling pretty damn good right now. If you don’t know the name John Carpenter, let me give you a little refresher. 

He created the Halloween franchise and directed such classics as Escape from New York, Big trouble in Little China, They Live, The Fog, and has worked on dozens of other films and television shows. The Man is an Movie industry icon, so when he praises a videogame, you take notice. He tweeted this piece of praise today:

Like, DAMN! John didn’t hold back, did he??! Can you disagree with him though? Horizon Zero Dawn is a must-have on the PS4 and is quickly becoming a game I would recommend buying a PS4 just so you can experience it. Sorry, Uncharted 4.

If you’re still waiting on HZD, perhaps John’s praise will persuade you. 

Horizon Zero Dawn is available now.