Yes it’s true. Target this week from today Sunday March 5th all the way to Saturday March 11th is live. This is on all* video games both physical and downloadable titles. It includes all PS4, PS3 and for those that are sporting multi consoles, even XB1 and 360. Unfortunately it does not include the new Nintendo Switch games. But why is this deal so awesome you might ask? If you do it right, you can get Horizon Zero Dawn as one of your free games or even Resident Evil 7, which if you have not played this in full vr on the PSVR you are totally missing out one of if not the best VR game for PlayStation there is.

Also, remember that Best Buy will price match. But to make it easier on them and you, go by Target and pick up their store ad. As a tip, some Target locations are not on the same page and feel that price matching with Amazon does not count if it’s Prime as I have experienced that Target’s reason is you pay for that discount. No we pay for the free shipping. Best Buy has no problem price matching as they want the sale. Too bad GameStop will not price match.

But I may just have to get Wildlands that comes out on Tuesday that is part of the buy 2 get 1 free deal or maybe For Honor. All I know this is an awesome deal, do not pass it up.