If you’ve been checking out reviews for Horizon Zero, you may have noticed that a review or dozen compared the game to CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher 3. It was bound to happen, seeing as TW3 is the new bench-mark for open-world action RPGs. While some gamers are arguing which game is better, Guerrilla Games and CD Projekt RED are showing one another some love.

CDPR showed the love first, congratulating the guys and gals at GG for the release of Horizon Zero Dawn.

I think we can all agree: Geralt and Aloy would probably be great friends, seeing as though they’ve both overcome great odds to save their people.

Guerrilla Games soon returned the love, with their own piece of art!

It’s always nice to see the big dogs in the videogame industry showing some respect for one another!

Now excuse me while I go and play some Horizon Zero Dawn, Brah!