News broke earlier today that NieR: Automata sold close to 200,000 copies during the first week of availability in Japan. “That’s not much, Brah!” Uh, NiOh, Resident Evil 7, AND Gravity Rush 2 didn’t sell close to that number in their first weeks. So DAMN. Get it, 2B! 

The rest of the world doesn’t have to wait much longer to play NieR, as the game launches in the US and EU NEXT WEEK! To celebrate, Square Enix dropped a 27-minute trailer full of gameplay!! So if you don’t mind some potential spoilers, watch away, BRUH!

That action. So fast. So fluid. Platinum Games for ya!

NieR: Automata hacks n’ slashes on March 7 in the US and March 10 in Europe.