San Diego Studios are going all in this year to make MLB The Show 2017 not only the best MLB game around, but the best sports game available this year, period. The team at SDS has proved regular updates, highlighting the slew of changes made to this year’s edition, such as 1,000 new motion-captured animations and better, more realistic fielding AI.

The latest update is all about one of the most requested changes in recent years has been the commentary team. Change is here, as Eric Karros and Steve Lyons are gone. Say Hello to Harold Reynolds and Dan Plesac, from the analyst from the MLB Network. This makes sense now that MLB The Show 17 has partnered with the MLB Network, offering presentation elements, making the game’s presentation more realistic than ever. Take a look at the latest trailer for MLB The Show 17.

MLB The Show 17 aims for the fences on March 28.