Developing AAA games is a do or die business. One or two major flops? Your favorite franchise might not be able to recover. Sad, but true. Business is business. 

Great news for Horizon Zero Dawn, as it has been reported that the latest major PlayStation exclusive cost around $45 million+ to develop, which makes it the ‘largest Dutch media production’ ever.  Hell, by today’s standards $45 milly is “cheap”. For comparison, Shenmue cost about $70 million to develop in the late 90’s. Yikes.

Not bad for a team of 250 Guerrilla devs and 100 outsourced devs! This most likely doesn’t include the budget for commercials, as Sony has been on fire with them all over YouTube and TV. Hell, they even had a couple of Watchers appear on ESPN Sportscenter.

With the way things are going, it’s looking like  a (possible? Haven’t beat it!) sequel could happen. Superdata predicted the game could eventually sell around 8 million copies when all is said and done. We shall see.

Did you purchase HZD? Which version? Why aren’t you playing?! Why am I not playing it?!? I GOTTA GO, BRAH!!