Earlier this year it was discovered that Sega Europe had registered the domain for ‘ShenmueHD.com’ and since then, we’ve heard nothing. Not a thing. Until now. 

Warning. Take this all with a grain of salt. Ok? But here. We. Go.

According to Rice Digitial, a ‘trusted source close to Atlus USA’, the two titles will be released later this year as a single collection, to help promote Shenmue 3, which (unsurprisingly) could move to 2018. Which is fine. Take your time, Suzuki-san. Make this the ending to the Shenmue saga we have always dreamed of. 

What do I think? I believe this Shenmue Collection will happen. There’s just TOO much proof. My prediction? Sega makes a brief appearance at the PlayStation E3 Press Conference and drops this mini-bombshell, “coming this fall”. Yes, I’m no insider. But damnit, a Brah can dream!!! 

The PlayStation Brahs will be here to update you with any Shenmue news!!