Wow. Not sure how I missed this one until now. Capcom teasing an Onimusha revival?! I WOULD SO BE DOWN FOR THAT!!! The Brah loved the series on the PS2!! No one (besides Capcom) knows for sure what the company is doing, but that didn’t stop the Daily Star from asking about it!

When speaking with Resident Evil 7 Producer Masachika Kawata, the question was asked. What about Onimusha, Masachika-Brah?

“Certainly, the series was a big hit back in the day and I do think there is something in that, which is worth considering.”

They pressed further. Masachika wouldn’t budge.

“Conversations are happening at high levels. Whether or not anything is happening, I cannot say.”

YES!! Please!!! Make it happen!!! Look, I’m not saying  to copy the NiOh/ Dark Souls formula. Maybe make the game more difficult, focus on the demons more than ever before and..well crap. You have NiOh. Hey, I love Capcom and All..but that has never stopped them from taking what others have done and putting their own unique spin on it.

If Capcom makes this happen. We get a new Onimusha game. The Brah will be there DAY ONE. How’s about you?!