WHOA. Wait. There’s people that don’t know the awesomeness of Marvel’s Spider-Man??? Whaaaaaa?!? Ok, I need to calm down. To the real news! While Insomniac Games hasn’t shown much regarding ‘#SpiderManPS4’ since E3 2016 and during the PS4 Pro reveal, little tidbits have been spilled here and there. Bill Rosemann, the creative director over at Marvel Games, took the stage at DICE 2017 to talk about the new partnership between Marvel, Sony, and Insomniac Games. 

“You may have heard that we’re making a spider-man game with Ted Price’s team at Insomniac and our friends at Sony Interactive Entertainment. The other day we were sitting around talking… Insomniac is only ten minutes away from Marvel Games offices… and we’re eating lunch and talking, asking each other: “hey, when you first get into Spider-Man? And we all realized we had the same story. We discovered him when we were very little. Not only that, we all realized that we all owned the same Spider-Man underoos back in the day.

And it feels like our lives have driven us to this moment. This is our purpose: to show the world why this character is so awesome. To bring this fictional world into the real world. It’s very personal for us. We’re going to focus our life’s journey into this game, to celebrate him with the world.”

Damn. If that doesn’t get you hyped, then you should probably watch this trailer.

11 MILLION VIEWS?! Excelsior, Brah!!!

Spider-Man is my favorite super hero, so yeah. My expectations are pretty high. I have faith in all those involved!! I’m a true believer, Brah!

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