You never know what kind of ‘twisted’ ideas might spawn from the mind of David Jaffe. His latest game, releasing digitally on April 4, Drawn to Death is a third-person arena shooter that is dark, violent, chaotic, fast paced, in-your-face action that only David and his team at Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency can properly deliever.

If you’ve been following the title since it was announced, you know the game’s look is based on the creative mind of a high schooler’s notebook. I mean, look at NinJaw. She is a badass Shark Woman. And she’s thicc af.

David and two of the lead concept artist at BJSDA go behind the scenes and explain some of their inspiration behind the look and feel of Drawn to Death in the newest promo trailer for the game.

Drawn to Death blows chunks of death all over the PSN starting April 4, for $19.99!