(Update 2!! The game is available to download NOW for free! Here’s a new trailer to enjoy!


(The fine Brahs over at Dualshockers heard from Square Enix. The game is FREE to everyone, US and EU, even if you didn’t buy FFXV. Niiiiice!)

FREE!! Do I have your attention? Well duh, of course. Who doesn’t love a free game or two? Remember the A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV DLC title that GameStop offered as a pre-order for Final Fantasy XV? 

Well, starting March 1, it’s going to be F R E E!!!! The only thing we don’t know is if the game is free for everyone or those who bought the game, but didn’t pre-order at GameStop originally. We shall know soon.

Check this trailer out, you just might want to download it! (Free trophies, Brah!)