Toukiden 2 is the second game from the Toukiden franchise and it’s independent to Toukiden Kiwami. You don’t have to play the previous game to know what’s going on with the story. I came into this game with an open mind without playing the previous game and I enjoyed my 2 hour session. You get that Destiny & Monster Hunter vibe from the moment you start playing. The customising was great and you get so much options when it comes to customising your character. The game has a variety of weapons, enemies and missions.


Unlike the previous game, Toukiden 2 is open world with so much to explore and you also get the random encounters. The game also has side missions as well as co-op where you can slay monsters with your friends. Every weapon I tried in this game was unique. Demon hand is a cool gameplay mechanic, it’s very useful especially when you’re fighting large enemies. You can latch on to enemies and it’ll Switch up the pace of your fighting style. It can also help you defeat enemies faster. You can also click on the right analog stick (R3) to run faster. There’s also a stamina bar in this game so you might wanna be careful when you’re in battle. It’s definitely a game you’ll invest a lot of time in & it’s definitely addictive.


The graphics are definitely a step up compared to Toukiden Kiwami and the character models look very detailed.

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