Unfortunately, sometimes something sneaks past the Brahs or perhaps we were all too busy to report a bit of news. That is why we have the Sunday Roundup! To tell you all about it! So let’s get started!

New Mass Effect Andromeda trailer explains the changes in combat in a 5+ minute video!

Sure, the Mass Effect 3 ending didn’t reward fans the ways they always thought it would, but by god, don’t let your hate for it ruin Mass Effect Andromeda because it looks mighty fine! Check this video out if you’re wondering what kind of changes have been made to the series’ combat in the latest installment of Bioware’s biggest franchise.

The Final Fantasy XIV team is working on a Pro enhancement patch!

It’s amazing to see how far FFXIV  has come since the original 1.0 launch. I’ll never forget being hyped for my fellow PC brothers, only to see the game massively stumble out the game. Square Enix went back to be drawing board, totally changing the game and now it’s easily one of the top 5 mmorpgs around. 

At the FFXIV fan festival 2017 in Germany, Producer Naoki Yoshida re-confirmed the team IS working on a Pro patch for the game. Instead of focusing on reaching 4K resolution, the patch will help the game run smoother, with better performance overall for PS4 Pro users. NICE.

New Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood expansion trailer!

Also at the Final Fantasy XIV fan festival 2017, a new trailer for the game’s latest expansion, Stormblood was shown, introducing the newest class. SAMURAI! BRAHSOME!!

Perhaps I should finally give this game a chance. 

Look at this Sony patent that looks oddly like the Nintendo Switch!

Huh. Interesting. It was filed in 2015. Recently published. 

Eh. Pass.

Remember that Sci-fi game that Sony Santa Monica was developing and was ultimately canceled?

A massive amount of concept artwork has leaked for it. Check it out here. Said to be too similar to Destiny. What do you Brahs think?

Annnnd that’s a wrap! Have a good one, Brah!