(For those of you who have turned away from HZD coverage until release, close dat’ browser now! If not..)

Short, but sweet, can be the best way to describe these new Horizon Zero Dawn trailers. The first focuses on the beautiful environments the game has to offer, even showing a couple new locations. 

The second is all about the machines. Let’s be honest, if Aloy is the #1 star of the game, they’re #1a, in my opinion. I absolutely love the look and design of them. Funny to think that I was skeptical when the original rumors regarding “robot dinosaurs” first emerged online. Boy howdy was I wrong! I would LOVE to own that Thunderjaw statue, but my wallet says “Brah, we can’t!”. 


February 28 in the US.

March 1 in EU.

You know what to do.