Now don’t get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed Final Fantasy XV. Noctis and his bros. adventure is a fun, gameplay is great, amazing graphics, and the music is fantastic. Hell, the Brah might have even shed a tear or two at the end. The main issue? The storyline. It seemed haphazard, almost thrown together, and gave life to the rumors that there was multiple rewrites during all stages of development. 

The team at Square Enix has been pretty reluctant to answer the reason why the storyline was lacking, until now. Game Informer cornered Hijame Tabata (FFXV Director) and now we have the answer. You ready for this?

“It was for the players to experience the story through Noctis’ eyes. The world and the events that Noctis sees are merely things that are seen through his eyes. We didn’t want to create a comprehensive and perfectly balanced story in this game. Instead, we placed importance on the main characters and for the player and Noctis to share the same experience when we tell the story.”

That’s..interesting. I mean, even most character-driven stories gives you some freakin’ details to ensure that the story is developed properly!! But wait. There’s more!

“It’s not that we decreased the role of the side characters. Focusing on many characters in the game means that the allocation given to the main characters will decrease. Instead of creating a comprehensive and perfectly balanced story, we placed greater importance on the four main characters and strived to depict a world seen from their perspective.”

look, one of the major components of the Final Fantasy games is the STORYLINE. Telling a grand story of adventure, love, revenge, retribution, redemption, the whole shebang. There’s SO many missing links in FFXV. Instead of showing you what happened in the game, they tell you. “Oh. He died”. Wait, what? That was pretty damn important!!! Previous FF games would’ve showed us more about Ardyn and made you feel for the guy. Nope. He tells you a few things and that’s it. 

Oh well. Kind of pointless to bitch now. The story we were given wasn’t terrible, just really lacking in key areas. Unfortunately, the DLC is about the three Brahs. Would’ve loved some Ardyn DLC. I would still recommend the game to fans of the series. The world is huge and full of things to do. 

What did you Brahs and Grrls think about the game? Were you satisfied with the game? Disappointed? Let us know!