We’ve all had our fanboy moments. Two of mine have happened to include Mr. Kojima! Both times I almost met one of my favorite gaming developers and both times I came up short. So it’s kinda funny to watch the latest HideoTube video and see Kojima-san going gaga over THE Mads Mikkelsen, the main villain of his newest IP, Death Stranding. Reminds you that “oh yeah, he IS human!!”, a human that makes amazing games, that is!!  

The latest HideoTube is almost 40-minutes long, but if you’re only wanting to see the Mads’ portion, he’s in it for about the first 15-min. I know we’re all beggin for new Death Stranding info, so here’s a small snippet or two. Enjoy.

If you can’t get enough Death Stranding, here’s links to our articles that we’ve done covering the game!!

Here’s my own piece, as I try to predict when Death Stranding will release on the PS4. Hint: I still don’t have a good prediction, although Kojima claims they have a goal date set. Mmmhmm.

Do you have $2K that absolutely needs to be spent? Then buy one of these limited Ludens’ statue!!! You love Kojima, right?! RIGHT?!?!

Death Stranding: something completely new?!? Brah. Don’t get my hyped like that. 

OR, for those of you who might have missed the previous trailers for the gamers, here they are, for you viewing pleasure.

We here at The PlayStation Brahs will continue to deliever all the latest Death Stranding news as it hits, because we’re just as hyped as you Brahs and Grrls!!!!