Brah. Think about this. Only 18 more days (in the US, 19 in EU) until Horizon Zero Dawn is here!! Sony isn’t going to let us forget that either so the hype train continues!  For those of you who have stopped watching content related to the game, close your browser now. For those of you who can’t get enough, Guerrilla Games wants you to know all about the amazingly awesome looking hybrid machines of HZD. Seriously, the team who designed these deserve a freakin’ award! Enough reading, start the watchin’!!!

The Thunderjaw

The Snapmaw

The Stormbird

The Behemoth (Not talking about Yo’ Momma this time!! BURN!!)

Day One, Brah!!! DAY. FREAKIN. ONE!!!!! 

Horizon Zero Dawn launches exclusively on the PS4 and PS4 Pro on February 28 US/ March 1 EU.