Your kids love it and you most likely hate it, but Skylanders has been a phenomenal success for Activision, accumulating over $3 billion in revenue over the life of the franchise. Hell, it created the “toys-to-life” genre of gaming! Too bad the series has been on a steady decline, starting with Skylanders Superchargers and it appears to have dropped off a cliff with Imaginators, even with the appearance of fan-favorite Crash Bandicoot! Rumors began to arise that the series has been canceled. Uh oh. 

With all that being said, it should be no surprise to anyone that Activision is passing on a new console title, instead going the Lego Dimension path offering new characters and content as 2017’s Skylander offering. Oh! Almost forgot, there will be a mobile title. Which is like, cool story bro. They also announced that there will be a second and third season of the Skylander’s Academy show on Netflix. Double nice for them!

Don’t let this post fool you. We (The Family Brah) own all the games since the original title on the PS3 and a huge bucket of figures. Great game for you and the young ones to enjoy together. Can be a bit of a money sink though. So Be careful.