Let’s face it. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare wasn’t trash, it’s just not what the fans wanted. You need proof? Look at how fans flocked to DICE’s Battlefield 1. Yet, even as much as fans b!tched about COD: IW last year, it was the #1 selling game in North America. Well, for those of you who are sick of fighting the good fight in the future, Activision teased us with this bit of goodness during their fourth quarter 2016 earning results. The newest series entry is going “back to its roots” in 2017.

What can this mean exactly? A return to World War 2?!! BRAH. Don’t tease me like that!!!! Look, I’m not saying I would run out and pre-order but my interest is peaked. A little bit. 

What do you Brahs and Grrls think the next Call of Duty will be about?! World War 1? 2? Korean War? THE CONSOLE WAR?!? Let us know!