Question for you. Where were you when Rockstar blowed up the internet with a single tweet of their logo on a red background?  Everyone know what is was for. The sequel to Red Dead Redemption. RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2!!!! We are all hyped! We are all ready to play it!!! But when?!? This year, remember? Well, hopefully.

During a quarter 3 conference call today, Take-two let it be known that RDR2 will release in the fiscal year 2018. This ranges from October 2017 to September 2018. Does this mean the game is going to release in 2018? No way. Could there be a possibility of a delay from the original Fall 2017 launch date? NO ONE KNOWS BUT ROCKSTAR!!!

Seeing as how the game has been in-development since 2014, we shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Can’t wait for our next taste of RDR2! Come on, E3 2017!!