Square Enix is determined to continue making Final Fantasy XV the best game it can be and it looks like they won’t be slowing down anytime soon. The team over at Dualshockers presented Hajime Tabata, Director of FFXV with their Game of the Year award and even walked away with some interesting news regarding the game.

Tabata explained that 70% of the team that worked on FFXV is still working on the game in some capacity. With single-player DLC, VR, and a supposed multiplayer mode coming in the future, the team has their hands full of work to be done. The plan is for a year of new content, which could be brahsome. We already know that the team is giving us the PS4 Pro 60FPS patch on February 21 and Episode Gladiolus in March 28. Followed by Prompto and Ignis. Also, we can’t forget about the improvements to Chapter 13. I mean, Square Enix is trying to keep us around! 

Buuuuut, with so many new games releasing this month AND next will you return to the world of Final Fantasy XV once the new content hits? Or have you left the Bro-trip behind?