January has come and gone. With Gravity Rush 2, Resident Evil 7, Yakuza 0, and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 putting a chokehold on your wallet, things might be a little tight. TOO BAD, Brah!!! The attack on your wallet continues in February!!! While not as massive as January (I wanted to buy 5 games!!!), it still has some HUGE heavy hitters for the PlayStation 4! Here. We. Go!!

                              The GAMES

NiOh (February 7 NA and 8 EU, PS4 Exclusive)

Crazy to think that at one point NiOh was going to be an early PS3 release. Oh, how things have changed!! The game has gone on to become a Souls-inspired game, with some critics saying it is tougher than the games that influenced it! While still set in feudal Japan, the game is all about strategy. One wrong move and you’re dead. The PS4 already has one critically acclaimed Souls-type exclusive in Bloodborne, is NiOh the next? All signs point to YES!

For Honor (February 14 NA and EU)

A new game from Ubisoft that isn’t Farcry or Assassin’s Creed? Nice. In For Honor you pick your clan and go to battle against others to save your kingdom. Gameplay is violent and bloody, as you hack n’ slash your foes to death. Featuring both an online and single-player campaign, For Honor aims to be another fan-favorite in Ubisoft’s stable of games. 

Sniper Elite 4 (February 14 NA and EU)

Karl Fairburne IS BACK and he’s ready to snipe ass all over Italy!!! With bigger maps, improved AI, and co-op missions returning, Karl’s latest mission is going to be his biggest yet. Here’s to more chances of blasting 8 testicles with one shot. What a true marksman. 

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk (February 21 NA and 24 EU)

If you’re an anime fan, then you have most likely heard of the Beserk series. If not, it’s a super violent series about Guts and his “band of hawks” and their quest to eradicate evil from the world in medieval times. His main weapon? A gigantic sword, which he will use to slash evil back to hell. The team that developed the game? Omega Force, of Koei Tecmo fame. Ya know. The guys who make Dynasty Warriors and all of the recent crossover titles. Fans of the series, you’re going to want to check this one out.

Horizon Zero Dawn (February 28 NA and March 1 EU, PS4 Exclusive)

Yeah booooooooooooyyyyyyyyy!!!! Two years after the major reveal at E3 2015, the mystery behind the fall of humanity will be discovered. Help Aloy save her people and discover the truth as she battles gigantic robotic dinosaurs in this open world action RPG from the team at Guerrilla Games. 


                        HORIZON ZERO DAWN

As excited as I am for NiOh, the Queen of February is Aloy!! We have a special thing going. #TeamBrahloy. As long as you don’t tell my fiancée, I’ll keep Guerrilla Games from delaying the game. Our little secret? Our. Little. Secret.

Seriously though, Guerrilla has been working on HZD since 2011. This game has been the showcase for what the PS4 Pro can do for games. Sony is banking on this game to be their very own Legend of Zelda action RPG series. Will the game deliever? That’s a mighty high mountain top to reach. I was highly impressed by the demo I played at PSX 2016, only problem is that it was a 30-minute section of the game. Could the game fail to deliever? There’s totally a chance. I don’t even want to think about that. Seriously the darkest timeline!!

There’s a reason Sony is pushing Horizon as the Trojan horse of the PS4 Pro. It looks beautiful on a 4KTV w/ HDR. Horizon Zero Dawn could be Sony’s next mega-franchise. They’re putting all their cards on the table and hoping Guerrilla Games’ next big idea will pay dividends for them. February 28 is coming soon. The truth shall set us free. Are you ready?