(UPDATE 2) Thanks to an anonymous tip, here’s some more information about the beta. 

(UPDATE 1) So apparently it went unmentioned that the PS4 Pro is also getting an update with 4.5!! 

Here’s an English screen for ya!

Comparison vid time!! Evil Within. Behold the power of the boost…

Here they are! Fresh off the press!!!

  • External HDD SUPPORT! Finally!!! Must be USB 3.0 and it supports up to 8TB.
  • Custom wallpapers! Use sharefactory to edit and use your screenshots from your HDD!
  • Quick menu refresh! More handy and it’ll take up less screen space now!
  • Simplified notification list! All notifications have been moved to one list. 
  • 3D Blu-ray support for PS VR! You can watch 3D movies with your headset. Oh snap. I’m trying this out once the beta is up!
  • The ability to post on PlayStation Network activity feeds! Post screens, GIFs, and comments! You can even tag gamers so they’ll see your post fo’ sho’. Yay?

Plus more that we will learn about. Still can’t change our PSN username. Sorry, Brah!