Add this to the “better late than never” category, during the latest Final Fantasy XV ATR segment, it was revealed the 60FPS PS4 Pro enhancement patch finally arrives on February 21st!! The level cap is also jumping from 100 to 120, plus photo mode will now let you keep 200 photos. TRIPLE NICE!!!!

Remember how I was complaining about the Chapter 13 update? I can now stop as it will release the same day as Episode Gladio, on March 28!  I’m interesting in seeing what Square Enix did to improve this highly controversial chapter in Final Fantasy history.

Interesting, as it seems that the Platinum demo is being removed the PSN on March 31. 

The team is also working on semi-off road traversing for the Regalia. The team is also preparing a survey for owners of FFXV so that they may further improve the game. Niiiiice. Who says this game didn’t need another three months in the oven? 

Here’s a trailer showing off some various footage of the first major 2017 update(s). There’s also some Episode Gladio footage AND a brief preview of Episode Prompto! NICE. 

More news as it comes.