DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront was, in my opinion, a blast. Am I bias because I love Star Wars? Sure. Did it have too much DLC? Perhaps. Was it sorely lacking a single-player campaign?? MOST DEFINITELY YES. 

Go slap a sleeping wampa and tell him the good news!! The next Star Wars Battlefront game is gonna be hotter than the twin suns of Tatooine!

Here’s a carefully prepare statement regarding the next Battlefront game currently in production.

The force is strong with this one. Plus there’s 3 teams working on it. DICE, Motive, and Criterion. Why 3? Well, the first Battlefront shipped around 14 million copies. EA isn’t stupid. They’re talking all the negative feedback from the first game and (hopefully) making the sequel that much better. Come on, Brah! Do or do not, there is no try!

What do you fellow Rebel scum think? Will you give the series another try? Or did the original game destroy your hopes and dreams the same way the Death Star did to Alderaan?!