More Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary celebration event news!! This time regarding Final Fantasy XV! First we will start with some new costume DLC. BRUH. You gotta check these ‘Magitek Exosuit’ arriving on February 21..

Looking like it’s Morphin’ time!! Next we have some screens and deets on the first character DLC! The first chapter will be none other than the tank of the group, Gladio! Battle Gilgamesh (awesome!!) and see things from Gladio’s eyes. Brotein shakes and killin’ enemies? I’m down. Here’s some screens to check out.

Next will be Prompto, which will arrive in June and last, Ignis. No date was given for the cook of the group, which should give him plenty of time to craft some new recipes. 

Not to spoil any of the DLC but I hope these new chapters explain Prompto’s back story you learn about in Chapter 13 or what exactly happened to Ignis in Chapter 9. 

I still have a couple questions. Where’s the PS4 Pro patch that was suppose to hit in December? Or what about some of the updates to Chapter 13 and/or storyline updates?? Not complaining! I know all of it takes time. Oh well.

Final Fantasy XV is out now for the PS4. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend doing so. It’s a great addition to the Final Fantasy series.