(Updated!!) It seems someone over at Sony has trademarked “V”. Here’s a couple of images associated with it.

I don’t know. Look almost a big generic. But “HVNT” has a V in it. Eh. Who knows. E3 is coming up soon. Perhaps there will be a few Sony surprises waiting for us all. 


RUMORS!!! LEAKS!!! SPOILERS!!!! We love them!!! Right? Right? Ok, not all the time. Pretty sure Microsoft didn’t love their entire E3 2016 press conference being spoiled prior to the show or when PlayStation Lifestyle leaked The Last Guardian. They’re part of any industry and keep things interesting, in my opinion. Some new PlayStation rumors have surfaced and they have everyone scratching their heads in confusion.

Laura Kate Dale, who blew the top of the Nintendo Switch with her leaks last year, is back at it again, but this time she let some Sony exclusive leaks fly! Apparently Sony has hired the same team who did the Resistance 3 live-action trailer to film another trailer, which is being filmed in New Zealand. The name for the trailer is “HVNT”, or something similar to that. It will be directed by Henry Hobson. She also clarified that ‘HVNT’ isn’t the name of this exclusive game but the trailer and that it should go live in March. What’s in March?? GDC 2017. So. Very interesting.

Could this be a post launch trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn? An entirely new exclusive?? A PS VR title? A PS VITA EXCLUSIVE?!? WHO KNOWS?!? Sony does! Just please be excited when whatever this project is revealed in the coming months!