PERSONBRAH!!!! You don’t have to lie to me. you were sad when Altus delayed to Persona 5 to further improve the game’s western translation. Better for the game overall? Absolutely! Thankfully, the marketing team at Atlus is dropping nuggets of P5 news to help keep us JRPG fans hyped until the game’s April 4 release.

First off, we have four different trailers telling us all about the folks who’ll be helping further advance your skills in Persona 5. Check them out.

Shinya Oda

Ichiko Ohya

Chihaya Mifune

Yuuki Mishima

While trailers are always nice, this is 2017!!! Where da’ DLC NEWS AT?! DLC is an essential part of any major videogame release and Persona 5 is going to offer you tons of it!

Shew! No date or prices have been revealed or if there will be a season pass of sorts. WE NEED DEETS, BRO!!!

Persona 5 steals your heart on April 4! There’s still time to Pre-order the ‘Take Your Heart’ edition with all kinds of Persona 5 swag!

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