I’ve come to the conclusion that videogame development is a long, difficult, and stressful process (Thanks, Captain Obvious!!). Rewarding? Certainly seems that way. That is until fans start b!tching about every little detail across social media and posting on NeoGAF about how one flaw ruined their total gaming experience. 

Ok! Getting off track! As I was saying, developing games is a process. Which takes plenty of time and when it comes to time, it’s been awhile since we’ve last heard anything about the PlayStation 4 exclusive from Michel Ancel, WiLD. For those of you who might be unaware of who the Man is, he’s created a couple of Ubisoft franchises known as Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil. He’s a talented fellow! So people were excited to hear he was making his own game without Ubisoft telling him what to do. 

Appearing first at Gamescom 2014, WiLD has been one with nature since being announced. Popping up here and there, then going back to hibernation. That is until day! Mr. Ancel posted a new screenshot on his Instagram. Check it out!!

Wow. Michel and his team at Wild Sheep Studio are putting the power of the PS4 to use!  Along with the screen, he even gave an update regarding the game!

“Getting lost in your own game is a great satisfaction. So many landscapes and situations to be discovered. I will try to post regularly some screenshots of the wild. And I promise, I will not spoil the game´s plot! #PS4 #WiLD”

There ya go! An update straight from The Beastmaster’s mouth!!! I’ve included a YouTube video I found if any of you Brahs and Grrls are interested in seeing the game in action! Look for more WiLD news in 2017.