Well, that was pretty darn fast! Capcom went on recording wanting to sell 4 million copies on day one. Dream big or go home, right? Capcom has just announced they’ve shipped 2.5 million copies worldwide (across PS4, XB1, and PC) which is a tremendous start and with the way the game is burning up social media, I could very well see them selling 4 million copies pretty damn soon. Some other interesting facts Capcom spilled.

  • The Resident Evil franchise has moved over 75 MILLION copies since the original game. That’s a crapload of zombies!
  • The Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour demo has been downloaded a staggering 7.15 MILLION times (how do you download .15 of a game??)!!! 
  • Resident Evil 8 is fo’sho’most definitely happening. That’s The Brah’s prediction, not Capcom’s inevitable announcement. 

Also, for those of y’all who purchased the RE7 season pass, the first batch of content releases NEXT TUESDAY!! Here’s some deets for ya!

Banned Footage Vol. 1:

  • Bedroom: Escape the bedroom..only one problem. Marguerite. Ew.
  • Nightmare: Waves. Of enemies. Figure out how to stay alive until morning arrives.
  • Extra mode: Ethan Must Die! A “tough as nails” made that doesn’t support PS VR. Shucks.

All this for $9.99 if you didn’t purchase the season pass!!

If you haven’t given Resident Evil 7 a chance, boy.. I don’t know what’s wrong with you. It. Is. BRAHSOME. The King of Survival Horror has returned. Join the Family…OR ELSE.