Today is the big day!!!!! January 24!!! Also known as “The Day Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Resident  Evil 7, Tales of Beseria, and Yakuza 0 all released at the same time!” or as I’ve been calling it “The Day Japanese Publishers Strike Back”!! Seriously. All four games have been reviewing very well and Yakuza 0 currently holds the crown for highest rated in the entire series here in the West! To celebrate the release, Sega has let loose a launch trailer and you need to see it!!!!

Come on. Didn’t that look freagin’ crazy in the best possible way??!? If that doesn’t get you hyped, how about FREE DLC until Valentine’s Day?!! Awwwww yeaaaah!!!

If you’re worried about being lost in the series’ lore, worry not! For this is a prequel. So you’ll be starting at the beginning, discovering what the series is all about! 

Yakuza 0 is HERE, Brah!!! If you order now, you get these snazzy Day One bonuses, so like, HURRY!!!!!