Early on in the life of the PlayStation when it came to fighters, it was Tekken or nothing. Sure the Street Fighter Alpha series was popular, but who wasn’t playing Tekken 2 or Tekken 3 on the PS1? They were 100% LEGIT!! Bandai Namco is ready to take back the king of fighting game’s crown and will do so this summer, on a June 2!!

(Updated with trailer!!!)

That is right! You Tekken fans have waited patiently for release date news and there it is!!! Rage system! Rage art! POWER CRUSH!!! Plus Akuma from Street Fighter?!¬†Guess this is the only taste of Tekken x Street Fighter we will ever get. Also, for you diehard fans, they announced a collector’s edition! LOOK AT IT!!!

Ain’t that nice?! Plus there’s going to be a Season pass full of new content and fighters. Can’t forget about the Pre-order bonus.. Eliza from Tekken Revolution! BOOM!!

Oh!! Almost forgot! Playstation 4 owners will get exclusive content only available on the PS4. A jukebox mode AND skins for select characters from last Tekken titles. Double nice.

The battle for the King of Iron Fist begins June 2.