Wow. You have to show Sony some love. Remember the PS3 launch? $599 US DOLLARS? No Dualshock in the controllers?? Dismal online service? No achievements? The Cell architecture being super difficult to develop for??? The first 3 years didn’t quite go the way Sony wanted. Rebounding from the PS3, to the point they’re at now, has been pretty remarkable. 

Sony announced at CES they’ve moved over 53.4 million PlayStation 4’s and now, during the Taipei Game Show 2017, that software sales have surpassed 400 million (401.1 million)!! Hiroyuki Oda, Asian General Manager of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan broke the big news and I mean, like..DAMN, Brah!!! Impressive. Most impressive.Some of those number crunchers even figured out that the attach rate is 7.5 games per console! Impressive! Also, while the PS2 still holds the record for most consoles ever sold at 155 million, charts have shown that the PS4 is currently outpacing it. Can it reach that glorious mountain? That remains to be seen. 

What do you guys think? How many games did you add to the grand total?? Let us know, BRUH!