After years of rumors and demand, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age was unveiled prior to  E3 2016 for the PlayStation 4! Originally released on the PS2, the 12th entry in the series has plenty of hardcore fans who believe it is one of the best games in the series. Thanks to the fellow Brahs at Dualshockers, we have new FFXII footage to enjoy in all kinds of Remastered Glory!

Square Enix took the the stage at the Taipei Game Show in Taiwan to show off Boss fights, cut-scenes, and exploration, oh my!!!

With reduced load times, higher quality voice acting, remixed music, a new auto-save system, rebalanced difficulty, plus High-definition resolutionZ all over the place, Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is the Remaster treatment this JRPG deserves! FOR DALMASCA!!!

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age arrives sometime in 2017 and The Brah can’t wait!