With only a week to go, Resident Evil 7 will be here before we know it. Capcom went all out with creating buzz for the game and it has paid off. Rather than just having a simple demo for gamers, it evolved. Two updated later, you can even play the entire demo experience in VR now!! They even went as far to make the story from the demo connect to other media for the game!

 The Beginning Hour demo started the story of Pete and crew breaking into the Baker’s house to film their show. Their story continues, as the big shots in the gaming media received VCRs and tapes that continued Pete’s story. Check it.

The PlayStation Brahs weren’t cool enough (yet!) to receive such cool swag. Capcom however was nice enough to upload the content of the tape to YouTube. Watch it below…I DARE YOU!!!

For those of you fortunate enough to have a PS VR headset, the Kitchen shows us what happens to ol’ Pete. Bet you he regrets being a dick to the rest of us his crew, eh? Damn weekend sub-anchors. 

Oh! Before I forget! PS Plus members have access to download a Resident Evil 7 theme off the PSN FOR FREE! Yay! Really digging those classic RE menu sounds!

North American link.

European link.

I’m sure you know by now that Resident Evil 7 arrives next Tuesday, the 24th, but I felt the need to tell you anyway. What horrors await us?!?