(Update 3!! It’s official! The Last Chance demo starts this weekend!!!! YAAAAAASSSS!!)

(Update 2!! The Japanese PlayStation Blog has announced there WILL be one last demo in the land of the rising sun from January 21 to 22!! NOW GIVE US SOME NA AND EU NEWS, BRAH!!!)

(Updated: She’s gone from the PlayStation Store Europe update page. The dream is dead, THE DREAM IS DEAD!!!!)

(Original story) Koei Tecmo made the announcement yesterday that Souls-inspired Fuedal Japan action-adventure RPG game, NioH, has gone gold and on it’s way for release worldwide on February 7. It seems like there’s one thing that someone forgot to mention. A third time to try the game!!!
An eagle-eyed fan came across this nugget of gaming joy on the EU PSN listings for tomorrow:

Will there also be another beta for NA gamers?  Hopefully someone at Sony and/or Koei will shed some light on the matter soon!