Not to spoil all of the story for the original Injustice game, but it goes something like this *clears throat*:

IN A WORLD where Superman went rogue, totally killed the Joker (Don’t worry, he deserved it after destroying  Metropolis), and  took over the world, resulting in a battle between Batman and Superman!!! WHO. WILL. WIN?! If I’ve spoiled too much, I apologize. But that’s only a small part of it! The storyline was SO popular that it had a comic book series for awhile! 

With that being said, NetherRealm Studios storyline reveal for Injustice 2 is pretty damn batastic!! 

Brainiac is here. The world better fear. Plus hey! Darkseid as a pre-order bonus? Even the Super Friends wouldn’t complain about that!

Injustice 2 teams-up with your PS4 on May 16.