Who doesn’t love them some gaming news? I know we certainly do!!! However the hard work by The Brahs on their own original articles deserve some loving, too!

If you missed it, fellow Writers Stormtrance and Kravengod each did their own respective articles this past week. Show your appreciation and check them out!

Here’s a taste of Stormy’s opinion of what the most impressive game for the PS4 Pro is:

“I’ve tried several games out to see which currently look the best. I’ve tried Tomb Raider, Uncharted 4, Watch Dogs 2, Skyrim, and the Last of Us. I can say this very easily that hands down, The Last of Us Remastered Pro Enhanced is the best looking game available right now on any console (yes, I did get an XBox One S simply because it’s the cheapest 4K UHD BluRay player on the market).”

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Kravengod is a HUUUUUGE fan of Paragon,  Epic Games first F2P MOBA for the PS4. His pitch for you to give the game a try is pretty epic. Here’s a sneak peek. 

“Something strange has happened. Early in 2016, I noticed that Epic Games had a brand new title coming and it was a MOBA. I have never been into an MOBA, but I’ve always loved the wonderful character design that comes out of Epic Games, so that made me very interested. If you are unfamiliar with the world of Paragon or even a MOBA, then hold onto your hair folks because I’m about to blow your mind.”

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One last spotlight. The Brah wrote an article telling you all about the biggest PS4 software releases for January 2017. Here’s a snippet of what I said:

“It’s early 2017 and normally, gamers are still playing all the Fall titles plus whatever Santa or their loved ones brought them for Christmas. Not so fast, my friend. The gaming industry has changed. The first Quarter of each year has also become a hot spot for Publishers to drop games they’re afraid that might get overlooked during Fall of the previous year and Q1 2017 IS LOADED. It is so damn full of games that we are going to break it down, month to month.”

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You can also check out another installment of Throwback Thursday, when we talk about a PlayStation game that had an impact on gaming taste or memories! This week? Parallax the Rapper on the PS1. Here’s a small taste :

“Wait. Wait. None of that is right. My fiancée’s name isn’t Sunny! I think my love and admiration that I’ve had for Parappa the Rapper since the original PlayStation is bleeding over in to my real life!! HELP!?! No. Not at all. I first played Parappa The Rapper on a PS1 demo disc and something about the game really took ahold of me.”

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