It’s early 2017 and normally, gamers are still playing all the Fall titles plus whatever Santa or their loved ones brought them for Christmas. Not so fast, my friend. The gaming industry has changed. The first Quarter of each year has also become a hot spot for Publishers to drop games they’re afraid that might get overlooked during Fall of the previous year and Q1 2017 IS LOADED. It is so damn full of games that we are going to break it down, month to month.

January is coming at ya with a grand slam of PlayStation exclusives AND third-party software. So buckle up, get your wallet ready, and prepare for an assault of games, yo!



Gravity Rush 2 (January 18 EU and 20 US, PS4 Exclusive)

KAT (and Raven) ARE BACK!!!! A sequel to the much loved PlayStation Vita game (and PlayStation 4 Remaster) has our favorite heroines using gravity as their weapons to SAVE THE WORLD…AGAIN!!! If you’ve played the first game and you’re still on the fence, why not go and download the demo that is available on the PSN? By the way, for those who purchase the game, you will receive FREE Raven DLC in March as a result of the game being delayed until 2017. NICE.


Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (January 24 EU and NA, PS4 Exclusive)

KINGDOM HEEEAARRTSSS!!! Ok, sorry. Had to get that out of my system. Kingdom Hearts fans have waited patiently (Suuuure) for the 3rd game in the series and guess what? It’s still not here. HOWEVER, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 gives you a taste of what Kingdom Hearts 3 will look and play like!!  In the 0.2 Prologue chapter, You control Aqua, one of the lost Keyblade Masters as she attempts to escape the realm of Darkness. The gameplay looks Brahsome. The second part of the package is Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. This ex-3DS exclusive has been remastered for the PS4 in HD, yo!! It stars Sora and Riku as they begin their mastery exams and almost feels like Kingdom Hearts 2.5, as the storyline actually advances and isn’t a prequel like Birth by Sleep . The final part of the package is Kingdom Hearts X Back cover, a prequel movie to the entire series. Looks like we’re going to discover some cray-cray Kingdom Hearts secrets, Brah! Add all three of these pieces together and you get a collection fit for a Kingdom (Hearts!)!!!


Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (January 24 EU and NA) 

Capcom shocked the gaming world during Sony’s E3 2016 Press conference when they revealed that the Resident Evil franchise would be making the jump to First-person Survival horror. The best part? All mannequin fingers point to it freagin’ working! If you have the played the demo and it didn’t put chills down your spine, you must be The Undertaker’s cousin. Or give the PS VR mode a try. Don’t forget the headphones, so you can hear all the whispers and sounds of death around you. Scared yet? No? Well, I don’t know what to tell you. For everyone else who is hyped for Resident Evil 7, the wait is almost over. Ethan’s journey to find his Wife is almost here. Will you face evil or give in to fear?

Tales of Beseria (January 24 NA and 27 EU, PS4 Console Exclusive)

Bandai Namco is ready to bring the 16th (WHAT?!!) chapter in the Tales of series, Tales of Berseria to the PlayStation 4. You play as Velvet Crowe, a young woman who has been possessed by a demon, by the cursed daemonblight that has stricken her world. With these newfound ‘powers’, she sets out for revenge on those who once imprisoned her. Yikes. Sounds heavy, doc. Don’t forget about all the crazy JRPG action the series has always delivered. ToB releases the same day as Resident Evil 7, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, AND Yakuza 0, so it looks like Velvet will have plenty of competition to devour.

Yakuza 0 (January 24 NA and EU, PS4 Exclusive)

If you’ve been waiting to jump on the Yakuza train, HERE’S YOUR CHANCE!!! A prologue to the series that takes place in 1988, watch Kazuma and Majima begin their decent into the Yakuza-madness that now encompasses 6 (!!!) more games. If you enjoy this game, the remake of the first game, Yakuza Kiwami hits PS4 later this year. Kick gangster ass, disco dance, play old-school SEGA arcade games, go on hot dates, and party all night. What’s not to like?

Digimon World: Next Order (January 27 EU and January 31 NA)

The next game in the ever popular Digimon series, Next Order has the…Digimon, like.. fighting and stuff? To be honest, I don’t even know. Several people who follow me seem to be excited about this game and would kill me if I didn’t mention it. Here’s a video to watch if you’re really interested in it! 

Hitman: The Complete First Season (January 31 EU and NA)

Square Enix and developer IO Interactive went with a different route for the newest Hitman title. Instead of giving you all of Agent 47’s mission at one time, they released the game over the span of 2016 as episodic chapters. It paid off as fans of the series ate it up. For those who weren’t able to download the chapters or gamers who refuse to buy digital games (they exist), Square Enix is bringing the entire season 1 to disc. Get ready, as Agent 47 is about to take on some of his toughest missions yet.



I thought I made the hints clear. The voices in my head wouldn’t let me decide. Until I finally went home and saw my family. They reminded me that nearly ALL the impressions I’ve read from major gaming media outlets gushed about how RE7 is a return to the classic Resident Evil we all know and love. Dad wouldn’t let me forget the time he locked me in the basement and tought me a lesson. MY fam is a little weird, but I wouldn’t have them any other way. SO LET THE MADNESS BEGIN!!!!

Whoa. WHOA. WhOa. Sorry about that. Seriously though, I’m receiving Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Resident Evil 7, and Yakuza 0 ALL on Day One (Thank you, Santa!!) and yes, the first game I’m installing with my disgusting hands will be Resident Evil 7, my top pick for the month of January. I think it has the potential to be something special. So don’t miss it.

What do you Brahs and Grrls think? Which games are you getting this month? Let us know!!!