Something strange has happened.  Early in 2016, I noticed that Epic Games had a brand new title coming and it was a MOBA. I have never been into an MOBA, but I’ve always loved the wonderful character design that comes out of Epic Games, so that made me very interested. If you are unfamiliar with the world of Paragon or even a MOBA, then hold onto your hair folks because I’m about to blow your mind. 

   What is Paragon?

Paragon is a MOBA and MOBA means “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena”. In Paragon, each team will have a core that they need to protect.  Each battlefield has multiple lanes or pathways to reach the other teams core.  As you travel along these lanes, you will be stopped by a device that is called a tower.  It is your teams job to lead your grunts to the towers and then later, the core, and destroy them.  Now that we have the basic gameplay of a MOBA out-of-the-way, let us understand the characters that you play with.


Each character has different abilities and personalities. You will have your assassins who stalk with high damage output, the tanks who absorb damage with their high health, range attackers, and then your support characters.  Each character serves a purpose that if used correctly, can destroy the opposing forces.

Welcome to Monolith 


 Recently, there was an update that totally changed the game. It gave us long time Paragon players a new map, but also changed the pace and mechanics all together.  The first thing Monolith did was increase the speed of the game.  All players attack and move way faster than in the previous updates.  The new map also introduced many pathways and even seems tighter than the previous arena.   A lot of the characters received much-needed buffs and then some may have received a nerf in some areas.  The combination of changes was a frustrating, but in the end, it was all much needed and improved the quality of Paragon.

Paragon pic 2.jpg

 In the end, Paragon is coming along very nicely and the folks over at Epic Games are definitely paying attention in what us gamers are wanting.  They offer amazing skins for all the characters and even offer a card based system as well.  The cards are not as deep as I would like, but they depict what actions and abilities you can do while playing.  Paragon is a game that I can’t recommend highly enough and as a daily player, I love every minute of this game and cannot wait to see where Epic Games steers this title.