Some seriously bad news has hit the PlayStation Nation today. After much time and consideration, Sony has decided to close Killzone: Mercenary and RIGS developer Guerrilla Cambridge. They explained their decision to earlier today…

Within [Sony Interactive Entertainment] Worldwide Studios, we have a regular process of review in order to consider projects coming to completion and the deployment of resources. In such a competitive landscape this enables us to continue to create and produce high-quality, innovative and commercially viable projects.

Having reviewed and assessed all current projects and plans for the short and medium term, we have decided that in order to deliver on our strategic objectives, it is necessary to make some changes to the European studios structure.

As a result, it has been decided that Guerrilla Cambridge Studio will close.

It is regrettable that this decision will lead to compulsory redundancies. Whilst we accept that this decision will mean that we risk losing high calibre staff, by focusing on other Studios with exciting new projects in development, (including continued work on PlayStation VR), we believe we will be in a stronger position going forward and able to offer the best possible content of the highest quality to our players.

This decision should not take anything away from the incredible games and services that Guerrilla Cambridge has delivered.”

For those of you who might not know much about the studio, it was once known as SCEE Cambridge and released such classics as Medievil 1 and 2, Primal, LittleBigPlanet (PSP), and many other games over the course of PlayStation’s 20+ year history.

This move will have no effect on Guerilla Games main studio in Amsterdam.

We here at The PlayStation Brahs would like to wish the best of luck to all of those who were effected in this move and wish you a speedy recovery during this difficult time.