Growing up, My Dad always told me “Find the right girl and you’ll find happiness”.  It took some time, but I finally did. She’s beautiful. She’s smart. And anywhere she goes she lights up the room with her wonderful smile!

Her name is Sunny and she’s the best! We’ve had some crazy adventures, like the time I wanted to become more heroic (to impress Sunny) and had to karate-rap battle my way to  learning how to be a hero! Or the time I totaled  my dad’s car and had to rap at the local flea market to pay for repairs!!!

Like I said, crazy adventures!! But we wouldn’t have it any other way. If we ever have problems, I always say my motto for life: I gotta believe!! Our love is eternal, Sunny Funny!! THIS IS FOR YOU, BAE!!!!

Wait. Wait. None of that is right. My fiancée’s name isn’t Sunny! I think my love and admiration that I’ve had for Parappa the Rapper since the original PlayStation is bleeding over in to my real life!! HELP!?! No. Not at all. I first played Parappa The Rapper on a PS1 demo disc and something about the game really took ahold of me.

Was it the catchy music? That is certainly part of it. I’ve must have sung the song from stage 1 over a million times the past 20 years. Perhaps it was Rodney Greenblat’s character designs? I mean look at Parappa!! HE’S SO HIP AND ADDORABLE!! Was it The simon-says gameplay that’s easy to pickup and play? Or maybe it was a combination of all it, showing me that the guys over at PlayStation took a chance on one of the weirdest games on the PS1? Not to say that Nintendo or Sega wouldn’t have made a Parappa-style game, but Sony even went on to make a spin-off (Umjammer Lammy) and Parappa the Rapper 2!! They took a chance and it paid off for them. At one time Parappa was the mascot for PlayStation in Japan. How crazy is that?!

So yes, my very first Throwback Thursday (You can read more of them here!goes out to one of my PlayStation Heroes, who has blesssed me with so many PlayStation memories since I first helped guide him to Sunny Funny’s flower-shaped heart. Sony hasn’t forgotten About the lil’ pup and is currently working on a Remaster of the original Parappa for the PlayStation 4. In glorius 4K. It looks Brahsome. The release date hasn’t been announced, but I hope when it releases that you too might give my favorite rapping dog a chance so that one day we might very well see a Parappa the Rapper 3. 

You KNOW The Brah will have his review for the Parappa the Rapper Remaster when the time comes. As for a potential Parappa 3? I’ll do as Parappa once told me. I gotta believe!