SEX!!! Why hello there you naughty gamer. Now that I have your’re not going to BELIEVE which gaming console fandom visited the most in 2016. Yeah, it was the PlayStation Nation. You surprised, brah?

Pornhub is all about letting people know that gamers love porn. Remember when they saw a significant drop in site traffic the week of Fallout 4‘s release? Yeah. In their yearly game review, Pornhub did a breakdown of traffic per console and now we know that out of all the gaming consoles on the market in 2016, PlayStation consoles lead the pack at 53%!!!

Damn. PlayStation gamers are a multitasking bunch of Brahs and Grrls!! You horny peeps, you. Which is perfectly OK! Sex is a part of life, so no shame!!!

My question is..the 13% spike for much you want to bet it’s because of the PS VR’s release in 2016?


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