Let it be known!!! F2P games are here to stay on the PS4! Let it Die has surpassed a million users on the PS4 and publisher GungHo Online Entertainment is celebrating!!!

To celebrate, Starting  January 6 to the 8th, GungHo will be giving away in-game ‘Death Metals’ as a daily login-in bonuses! A F2P game giving away even more free content? Can’t complain about that!

For those of you who might not remember, Let it Die was announced a couple years ago and after missing it’s 2015 release, was pushed to 2016. Nice to see that developer’s Grasshopper Manufacture hard work has paid off! Also, the thing is that the  million users combined is in the US and EU. The game hasn’t even released in Japan and doesn’t do so until February 2!! Here’s to new users!!

Let it Die is available NOW on the PlayStation Store. Give it a try, Uncle Death certainly won’t mind..

Which reminds me..I had the chance to hangout at the Let it Die booth during PSX 2016 and it left me feeling a little funny. Can’t quite figure it out… hmm.