“Another year, another Call of Duty!” They always say. Not so fast, my friend. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare didn’t exactly meet Activision’s expectactions, so the future of the franchise could very well be in jeopardy..but if an industry insider to be believed, the Call to Duty will continue in 2017!!

(UPDATED!!) This is 100% FalseTruth. That Twitter user is NOT an industry insider. Let this be a lesson to us all. 99% of the people who claim they’re videogame industry insiders on Twitter are actually not. No matter how professional they sound, or how much bullshit they feed us, they’re mostly full of sh!t and starving for attention. 
(Original ‘story’) According to twitter user @Brandonh83, Call of Duty 2017 IS HAPPENING!!!

I mean, I don’t see any reason why he would lie about this. He says he’s an industry insider. So I’m going to take it as 100% TRUTHFACT!! Tell your mum the good news!! Call of Duty IS HERE TO STAY!!!

If more news break, The PlayStation Brahs will let you know ASAP, BRAH!!!