Brah!! It’s 2017!!! BRAH YEAH! Now that we have that good news out of the way, I have some (potentially) great gaming news for the New Year!! Detroit: Become Human. In 2017?! BELIEVE!!!

(UPDATED!!!) It seems the ‘dream’ is dead. According to some guy named Shuhei Yoshida. Ya know. That one guy who is the HEAD OF WORLDWIDE STUDIOS FOR SCIE, responded to a Twitter user when asked about Detroit and Dreams launching in 2017…

Welp. There is it. Game over, man! GAME OVER!!!! #Sadness.

(Original story) You know how it is. The year begins anew and companies love to tease us about their future projects. The PlayStation European YouTube account uploaded a sizzle real trailer that seemingly confirmed that we will get to play David Cage’s next masterpiece, Detroit: Become Human In 2017!!!

I’ll be honest. I’m SUPER excited for this game. I’ve been excited since Quantic Dream first showed the ‘Kara’ concept trailer years ago. Now that they expanded it into a full game…can’t wait to see what kind of journey we have to look forward to.

So, could it finally be happening? Are our tickets to Detroit booked and confirmed for 2017? Who truly knows at the moment, but that trailer certainly give us all hope. We shall see!!

By the way, did you Brahs and Grrls catch that look at Media Molecule’s Dreams? We need to hear some more about it, too!

2017. Gonna be EPIC. BRAH.