As you all know by now, the development phase of Final Fantasy XV has been quite the tumultous journey. Originally starting out as the PlayStation 3 exclsuive Final Fantasy versus XIII, it dwelled in development hell for years, eventually the decision was made to turn theIt finally released recently to great praise from gamers and criticis, but one person involved with the game didn’t shy away from being honest about some behind the scenes disfunction with the game.

Character Designer Roberto Ferrari spilled the beans on his Facebook page. While he wasn’t super harsh, he didn’t hold back.

“They’re highly disorganized. Our staff had to work on FFXV while the story still had to be finalized. In 2013, the damn story changed every three months or so and the game’s release date had been scheduled for December 2014. In the world of animation, which is where I come from, the main story is nailed down before the hiring the staff in order to avoid this kind of waste.”

Huh. Guess it had nothing to do with taking a game that was already in development and shoehorning it into the next entry of one of the most popular JRPGs in the world? No pressure, brah!!!

I’ve yet to beat the game, but I’ve heard various people talk the storyline being the one lacking factor in the game. Which is a bit worrisome, seeing as how Final Fantasy games are all about the story.

If you’re on the fence about the game, you can find it for cheap over at Amazon. $39 for Final Fantasy XV  is a steal, imo and I’m only 23 hours into the game!