Guys!! The Flash is on sale!!! Who doesn’t love the Scarlet Speedster?!? You’re gonna need the deets on this deal!!

Oh. Oh wait. A PSN FLASH SALE. Damn. My Bad, Brah.

But while you’re here, why not go ahead and check the deals out??

This one is a bit different than most flash sales. Most of the time flash sales contain a mix of indie and smaller publisher titles. This month? A slew of AAA games like Final Fantasy XV, Titanfall 2, NBA 2K17, Watch Dogs 2, and more on sale, anywhere from 40% off to 70% off! Yowzers!! Plus some indies and small pub titles!!

No wonder they put these sales on Friday. Your wallet is like, “I’m full of money” and then these sales show up and it’s like “oh no, no more money, yo!!” First World Gamer Problems.

Let us know if you get anything! I gotta save my funds for January 2017. Why? Well..that’s an article for another time.. (Soony!)