A year ago, Square Enix presented Dragon Quest XI to the gaming world and fans have waited impatiently since. Now, a year later, we get our second look at the next entry in the mega-JRPG franchise and damn, has it been worth the wait!

I know for most westerners, Final Fantasy is the premier JRPG here in the US. While it’s still pretty damn popular in Japan, Dragon Quest is king above them all. So when Square Enix showed two new trailers and gave out deets today, you know it was gonna be HUGE.

They showed off the world map and wow, it’s huge!! Look at all that explorin’ and battlin’ you’re going to be doing to save the kingdom/ world..


The Story begins when our Hero (pictured below) turns 16 and begins his journey.

Along the way he meets a thief who believes in him, named Camus.

Of course, he will meet a slew of other characters who join the party and decide to help him do awesome heroish things like ride around on dragons and fight gigantic enemies. You can get a great look at the Hero and his party of fellow heroes in the opening cinematic for the game below. That classic Dragon Quest theme + those Toriyama character designs. Yummy.


SE also showed off some gameplay for the PS4 and 3DS versions. The horse the Hero rides around on is exclusive to the PS4, so in your face, handhelds!! The game is also coming to the Nintendo Switch, but no information was given at this time.

Here’s a video of the Hero running around and riding his horse, as he completely runs over enemies.. OUCH!

Dragon Quest’s 30 anniversary is this year and the team has promised that XI will release this year. So what does that mean for a US/ EU release? I’m going to guess 2018. Dragon Quest games have never been short and Square Enix doesn’t skimp on their translation process. Not to worry, there will be plenty of JRPGs to play while you wait.

Stay tuned to The PlayStation Brahs as we will bring you more Dragon Quest XI news over the  next year until release!